On the historic day of 20th July 1969, human species set foot on the moon for the very first time. As Apollo 11 carried out one of humanity’s greatest feats, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin literally “walked on the moon” to explore the lunar surface. Armstrong is hailed as the first man ever to walk on the moon.

But even after five decades from this historic ‘man on the moon’ landing, several doubts, and controversies rage on around the question — Did the moon landing really happen? Or was it all staged? Was there really a first man on the moon or was it just an inside job staged at the Universal Studios set? Was it a US government approved NASA hoax to beat the Russians to the moon?

There is no simple and straightforward answer to that! But here are the top 8 secrets surrounding the man on the moon mission that we think are the most thought-provoking. The most intriguing and shocking secrets are revealed towards the end, so be sure to read it through! You don’t want to miss out on the dessert!

1- The Man in The Visor

A photograph allegedly clicked during the Apollo 17 moon mission has done the rounds online with a museum claiming that the final mission to the moon was faked as the figure caught in the reflection of the visor appears to be without a proper astronaut suit and merely a “stagehand” in the faked sets.

If one looks at the image, one is forced to wonder – Is that the shadow of a man without a spacesuit? Why does the lower half of his clothing look less like a spacesuit and more like traditional trousers and boots? Why do we see no backpack on his body but see a significant amount of extra shadow of the backpack on the ground? Is the backpack simply hidden due to the angle of the camera and is he indeed the second astronaut in the Apollo 17 mission?

And if the Apollo 17 landing needed to be staged and faked years after the allegedly successful first man to walk on the moon, was that first landing fake too?

2- How Many Light Sources Equal to One Sun?

The shoddiest job, if the Apollo mission was indeed staged, was the set lighting. Conspiracy theorists have not failed at pointing out the obvious anomaly in the moon images – multiple shadows of a single object cast at varying angles!

How on earth, err, on the moon, is that possible, considering the only source of light on the moon is the sun? And even a fifth grader knows that a single source of light will always make objects cast shadows in the exact same angle, with all the shadows running parallel to one another. How do images on the moon show shadows with multiple angles, unless studio lights were used, forming multiple light sources?

People who believe in the moon landing blame the uneven, undulating surface of the moon for this. There’s no clear telling here too!

3- What Are the Crosshairs Doing Behind the Objects?

Cameras that were allegedly used in the lunar module had several crosshairs to help astronauts with the direction and scaling and should have been imprinted on the top of all images. However, multiple ‘man on the moon’ official NASA images displays strange crosshairs ‘behind’ the lunar equipment, including the flapping American flag and the Lunar Rover.

4- How Is That Flag Flapping in The Wind?

Speaking of crosshairs on top of the flag, another open secret that experts point out to is the eerie sight of the US flag flapping in the “lunar” breeze in the official NASA video footage.

But wait! The atmosphere of the moon does not support this phenomenon at all. There are zero atmospheres and no wind on the moon. So how is the flag flapping?

One group of observers say it is clearly the flag flapping in the wind. Another set of equally keen observers claim it is not flapping but simply the jerky movement of the flag as the astronaut jabs the flagpole down the moon’s hard ground, making the inertia kick back and the flag shudder for a bit. Once again, there’s no clear telling by the speed of the swaying.

5- Why Was the Feed Cut Off in The Middle?

Besides the eerie fact that every single time an unidentified object enters today’s International Space Station Live feed, NASA inevitably claims the live feed to be disrupted for the next few minutes. The shocking coincidence is that NASA claimed the same during the moon landing.

This is the other extreme of all conspiracy theories involved in the first man on the moon story. This theory believes that Apollo 11 actually did land on the moon, but they found something that they were neither expecting nor ready to explain to the general public watching the live feed. And hence, the sudden blackout!

6- No External Validator

One of the biggest obstacles to verifying without the doubt that the moon landing wasn’t fake is the fact that there is absolutely no external neutral verifier to this event. NASA alone has the footage of the moon landing and the moon artefacts.

So, there’s no other competing authority where one could revalidate these images. Whether NASA really sent a man on the moon or they simply fabricated and staged the entire show, both ways, every technology, document, photographs, people (read witnesses) and mementoes remain singularly within NASA’s area of influence. There is surprisingly not a single source of external verification with regards to this mission to the moon.

7- Carelessness of The Century

NASA had originally granted all networks permission to record the moon landing live feed for the global live TV broadcast. But ever since, we only see the poor quality, grainy recording of a recording! NASA, on record, maintains that they lost the original HD footage and data telemetry tapes. Talk of humanity’s biggest carelessness!

But it’s at the same time, very ironic, how NASA has their internal “invalidator” bloopers that give away more than they would prefer to. Read on!

8- The Spaceship Materials Were Highly Flammable

Here’s NASA’s official list of raw materials used to build Apollo 11 – Aluminum Alloy, Nickel Steel Alloy, and Titanium.

Anyone with Grade 5 geography or physical science lessons in place would know that the earth’s atmosphere has two final strata called the Thermosphere and the Exosphere. The temperature of these two layers goes up to 2500 degree Celsius.

Now, a grade five student would probably also know that Aluminum’s melting point is at best 670 degree Celsius, Nickel is at 1453 degrees, and that of Titanium is 1670. Bottom line is that Apollo 11 could have no way survived, speeding past the earth’s outer atmosphere, leave alone the Van Allen Belt!

Till Date, We Don’t Know How to Cross the Van Allen Belt!

And oh, speaking of the famous Van Allen Belt, several NASA scientists, after almost 50 years of the first man on the moon, have (without realizing?) at different occasions given their official statements about how NASA is yet building a fool-proof method of crossing the Van Allen radiation belt without getting the human astronauts all radiation-charred.

In 2014, Kelly Smith, a NASA Engineer while briefing about the Orion spacecraft launch, said on record, “As we get further away from the earth, we will pass through the Van Allen Belts, an area of dangerous radiation. Radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on Orion. Naturally, we have to pass through this danger zone twice, once up and once back. But Orion’s protection shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation. Sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. We must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space.”

Also, here’s NASA’s own official website mentioning something bizarre –

The largest, single hazard for astronauts travelling to Mars will be overcoming exposure to solar storms and radiation.

One sensor on the Van Allen Probes spacecraft measures their lifetime radiation exposure, giving engineers accurate information to build a radiation-tolerant spacecraft and instrumentation in the future.

Wait for a second! The Van Allen Belt was an unsolved puzzle even in 2014? And it is still the largest single hazard to overcome in the future for astronauts to Mars?

Did Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins not pass through the radiation belt already back in 1969? If so, why are NASA officials talking about the organization still working out its technology to survive the radiation belt in future missions? Or have we lost that leading-edge technology to the failing human memory of NASA scientists? Sarcasm intended, of course!

Did the mission Apollo 11 REALLY happen in 1969? Was Armstrong really the first man to walk on the moon? Forget who’s the first man on the moon; did any ‘man on the moon’ mission ever happen till date? Questions remain endless! Research insurmountable! Mysterious findings and absolutely contradicting evidence supporting both sides of the story remain uncountable and mind-boggling!